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    Oh Mikey, your in trouble....lol.

    Stereotyping isn't allowed, nor is soup audio related. LMAO !!

    I really need to cut back on the caffeine....

    Dang it.....sorry gents, coffee isn't audio related either.
    Sony 850c 4k
    Pioneer elite vhx 21
    Sony 4k BRP
    Tad 803 bookies
    Polk 500 surrounds
    Polk s35 center
    SVS SB-2000


    Joule la-100 pre
    B&k 1430 amp
    Cary xciter dac
    Cullen modded Sonos
    ERA D5 bookies

    Acoustic zen Satori speaker cables
    Analysis plus crystal oval ic's
    Wireworld eclipse 7 ic's
    Audio metallurgy ga-o digital cable
  • I think that if we can all agree that:
    Vinyl is inferior to CDs,
    CD players just send zeros and ones,
    SACDs are dead,
    a well built interconnect is all you need,
    AVRs are a waste of money,
    pre-amps just add distortion,
    power is just amps,
    amps just deliver power,
    need a good power strip surge/power strip,
    coat hanger will deliver just as good a signal to your speakers,
    and you need to put most of your money into speakers
    we are golden and it is a safe place for children.
    Studio 2 equipment;
    Yamaha a-s2100 Amp, CD-2100 CD player, T-S500 tuner
    Loudspeakers: Harbeth p3esr, Polk RT7
    Cables: Aural Harmony Sonnet Interconnect II, WireWorld Equinox 7 speaker,
    Black Cat silverstar 75 ohm digital, Signal Digital Power Cord, PS Audio Perfect Wave AC-3,
    Pangea SE14, Voltz supplied interconnects
    Optional: Arcam DV88 DVD/CD (HDCD) player, Polk SDS-400 speakers
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