Polk SRT's,i got 'em!

Hey,my uncle has passed along his SRT system to me!He's still looking for the controller,he has it,somewhere,but no manual......all the old links in these threads are dead,any suggestions?


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    contact Polk CS Ask For Kim

    Tech/Product Support
    9AM-5:30PM EST Mon-Fri
    1-800-377-POLK (7655) Option 1
    FAX: (410) 764-5470
    International: +1-410-358-3600
  • Congrats on a truly excellent set!!! If you PM me your email, I'll send you the manual!
  • Welcome to the forum!! There's a bunch of great guys on here!!
  • Thanks,I'm sure I'll be having some questions,nice to know people are here to help!
  • Hey guys,where are the fuses on the srt subs?,I have one with slight humming when plugged in.....power indicators are not lighting,oh no.....I don't get it,these were well cared for
  • The fuses are located directly below the power cord on the input plate board. You have to gently pull the plastic housing that holds the fuse in!
    If you look closely, you can see the an image of the fuse on the housing.
    If you need further help, send me an email...
    But the humming sound is most likely the caps! Sometimes the pilot light goes out due to the solder coming loose, but If the pilot light turns on and you hear the amps click/power on, it's not the fuse!
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    The hum can just be as simple as a ground loop issue as well.
  • katomklysm wrote: »
    Hey,my uncle has passed along his SRT system to me!He's still looking for the controller,he has it,somewhere,but no manual......all the old links in these threads are dead,any suggestions?

    If you PM me your email I have copies of the manuals I can send you.

  • Hi Guys,well,baby steps here,put in new line for electric,and had to move the whole friggin basement(wifes orders),and hooked up the Denon 3805 to a Pioneer Elite vsx-32,and it worked!So, i have some power,cant afford power amp right now,so this will have to do.just happy it worked,the subs..........bummer.........one still has no power light on,but i hear humming,the other powers on,light goes on and it hums as well,this one worked before,now it also is just humming,i hope its a ground loop,have some time this weekend to fiddle,even one working for now would be nice,rears are going up this weekend,heres a pic of my progress,it's all pulled out in the pic so i can get behind,and there is a bridge for the entertainment center,going to look nice someday!!!!!!!!!!!Tomcild5ph0l5ht.jpg
  • also,i would use the sub out from the Denon,correct??dont know if the problems lies in my settings,never bridged 2 receivers before,i have everything set to small....so its not that....
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    If it was me I'd pick one or the other, can't see two being beneficial.
  • The Denon has inputs,so the Elite acts as a preamp and the Denon is used for power,like a poweramp,the Denon is a monster
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    I run a 3805 know all about it. Still I fail to understand the advantage to what you are doing. To me it seems you have introduced more noise than needed.
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    Beautiful system you have Tom. Here's mine using with old Cinepro amps.
  • No hdmi on the Denon,that's why..........is there another way for hdmi?cause my 3805 don't have them,Beautiful 69bug!My uncle(who gave them to me)is still looking for the control center,he says he has it,otherwise I might be screwed
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 6,584
    Got me there, correct no hdmi
  • Hmmm,for some reason though when I run it that way (elite,preamp)3805 as amp,all channels work fine except I can't get the damn sub to work,and I ran it to just the denon and it was fine,I've tried all possible rca connections.........
  • And there it is!!The phone call ive been waiting for...............he(my uncle) found the controller!!!!And overnighted it,so i will have it tomorrow,now this is starting to really shape up for me,cant wait to hear the difference.................progress has begun.5vt3xilbdtmu.jpg
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    3 cheers for your uncle!

    Do you have the SRT center as well?

    I would think the sub out would need to come from the Pioneer, but I am not exactly sure how these SRTs hook up.
  • It's in there,it fit perfectly in that entertainment center,I know it's dark,it fit with millimeters to spare,yep the sub out did come from the pioneer,but,when I set it to small,the subwoofer "greys"itself out on the setup screen,like its not there,I have to have it set to large and plus for the sub to work,still confused about this but it's working,it's been frustrating to enjoy when all I could really control was sub volume,especially when you change media formats,so this should help
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    Looks great, but I would lose the tow in on the mains. It will interfere with the SDA effect.
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    Nice, that is exciting news for you Katomklysm! Many years of enjoyment you will have.
  • 69bug wrote: »
    Nice, that is exciting news for you Katomklysm! Many years of enjoyment you will have.

    Many years of keeping those sub drivers working.........
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    Hey guys,is there a way to shut the control center off?,from the remote or something I'm missing here,or does it really just stay on all the time,I just feel like I'm gonna burn it out or something,any help is appreciated....Thanks,Tom
  • 69bug69bug Posts: 4
    Hi there. There is no on & off feature for the control center.
  • katomklysmkatomklysm Posts: 29
    edited July 2016
    Thanks for the reply,so leave it on?is that what you do?would unplugging it be ill-advised?is it just in a standby mode when not in use...
    I know I'm overreacting, just don't seem right..no power switch, who does that,lol.
  • katomklysmkatomklysm Posts: 29
    edited July 2016
    Thanks for your help!
  • 69bug69bug Posts: 4
    I leave my 2 control centers plugged on a surge protector that has an on/off switch. I only turn off the surge protector when there's a bad storm (as in real bad). Other than that, they're always on. I wouldn't worry too much being plugged in at all times since the units are just a "pass-through" gadget. Enjoy it.

    Btw, did you get from your uncle the SPL meter that came with the system? If so, did you use it to calibrate your speaker set up?
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    I did not get the meter,I could ask,it took him two months to find the remote for the control center (huge log cabin,with high end audio equipment everywhere),ive just been going by ear,i know not very professional,he's got it,he was original owner,somewhere.......
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    Been a LONG while since I've been in here,after some leg work, and AWESOME customer service from polk, I'm nearing a complete theater......added 79 Sony XBR(2014 model), subs have been de-spidered, control center added.....just need a amp update and I am in business, didn't think I was gonna do this, but BOY am I glad I got motivated to repair this beautiful system, jaws drop when I put in Pacific rim 4k..........my set is near mint condition, I'm a lucky man09h1hum9a044.jpg
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