What cheapo system gives you great pleasure?



  • EndersShadowEndersShadow Posts: 15,538

    I TOTALLY FORGOT about the Hitmaster (despite having 2 shirts promoting them I might add)....

    Thats a kick butt outdoor system I bet..

    Here is my favorite current cheap setup.

    Console playing FM radio. 40 bucks invested with a suggested 150 to come to refresh the caps


    "....not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." William Bruce Cameron, Informal Sociology: A Casual Introduction to Sociological Thinking (1963)
  • mpitogompitogo Posts: 233
    Cheapo is relative, I think this setup is a relative bargain but sounds sweet.

    AU-6900 (fully overhauled)
    iPod Mini (old square style with builtin radio tuner)
    Martin Logan Motion 40
    Living Room Music-2.0 Polk LSiM 707 | McIntosh C47 | Rotel RB-1590 | Denon DP-2500A | Oppo BDP-103 | MacMini
    Family Room Home Theater-7.2.2 (Atmos) Polk LSi25, Martin Logan Motion 50xt, Dual DSW microPRO 3000, fx500, T15, RC65i | Marantz SR7009 | McIntosh MA5200 AVR trigger HTPT FL&FR (independent 2.0) | Sony UBP-X800 4K | Xbox One S 4K | AppleTV | HTPC | Sony 75” XBR X850D 4K
    Office Home Theater-5.1 Polk RT55, CS400, PSW450, T15 | Onkyo TX-SR705 | Xbox 360 MCE | AppleTV | Samsung 55”
    Office Music-2.0 KEF Q100 | Sansui AU-6900 | Sansui FR-1080
    Master Bedroom Music-2.0 Totem Hawk | Rotel RA-1570 | Sony DVP-S500D | PS HX-500
    Patio Music-2.0 Polk Atrium8 | AMC 2445 bridged
    Airplay zones: Family Room (HDMI), Master Bedroom (Optical), Office (HDMI), Living Room (Optical), MA5200 (Optical), SR7009 (AVR direct) and Patio (analog). MacMini iTunes multi-stream to any, combo or all.
    Spares: Polk LSiC, CS300, T15, Martin Logan Motion 40, Dynamo 500, Denon AVR-4802R, Onkyo DX-C540, Sony CDP-491, STR DE715
    Most important piece: Pro-Ject VC-S Record Cleaning Machine
  • mrlorenmrloren Posts: 1,314
    I had to work on Saturday, Warehouse system was up over -10db most of the day :smiley: hope nobody in the building was trying to sleep.
    When I was a kid my parents told me to turn it down. Now I'm an adult and my kids tell me to turn it down.

    Family Room:
    Samsung UN60H,
    Marantz SR5010, Emotiva BasX-A300
    Oppo BDP-93,Sony UBP-X800BM, Sony DVP-NS3100ES, WD Live HUB.
    Main: Polk Signature S60
    Center: Polk CSi-A6
    Front High TC80i
    Rear: Polk MC80
    Sub: HSU VTF3-MK5

    Bed Room;
    Sony KDF-E42A10,
    Marantz SR5010, BDP-S270
    Main: Polk Signature S20
    Center: Polk Signature S30
    Rear: Polk R15
    Sub: HSU STF-2

    Working Warehouse;
    Sony 2100ES
    Polk RTi4 about 15' up the wall
    Old sony 12" Sub
    Mini tower PC with 400GB of music
  • StevieBStevieB Posts: 221
    Free Proton D940 receiver with $25 garage sale finds Technics sl j2 turntable and Monitor 5B's.
    McCormack DNA-1 Amp, Parasound Halo P5 Pre Amp, Denon DVD 2900 CD player, Adcom GDA 700 DAC, VPI Traveler TT with Denon 103R cartridge, Lounge Audio MKiii phono pre and Copla SUT, Polk SDA SRS 3.1 TL speakers, Tributaries series 8 IC's and speaker cable.
  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 2,200
    ^ that's a win!!
  • deronb1deronb1 Posts: 4,192
    Polk Woodbourne
  • tonyp063tonyp063 Posts: 323
    My office near-field system.

    A garage sale find. Monitor 4, series 2 for $5
    A generic Burr-Brown usb->rca DAC. $20
    A Chi-Fi tube amp, with a *whopping* 4W per in class A. $60

    The look on the faces of the grad students when they annoy me & I turn it up to 11, cleanly.
  • rburgess714rburgess714 Posts: 240
    Desktop -
    Grace Digital GDI-BTAR513 Amplifier $100
    Dayton audio B652 $20
    Living Room
    Yamaha Aventage RX-A 1060, Parasound P5, Parasound A23, Yamaha BD-S681, Auralic Aries Mini, Polk S60, CSiA6, Samsung 60" LED
    B&K Ref 50, B&K 200.2, Chromecast, LSiM 703s
    Douglas Connection ICs and Cables
  • halohalo Posts: 3,967
    edited June 2017
    HK AVR340 (purchased this as a refurbished unit from the Harmon eBay store in '05 or '06)
    Energy RC70 (purchased off CL)
    Slim Devices SB3 (donated to me by a fellow forum member).
  • Jimbo18Jimbo18 Posts: 1,710
    HK AVR340 purchased from @halo at first paired with M7C's and now M5jr+ series 2. Thanks again for the sale.
    Modest HT - Pio Elite SC-63, RT800i, CS400i center, RT25i surrounds, Def Tech PF 15TL+, Belkin PF30, Samsung UBD-M7500.
    Bedroom - HK AVR 340, Monitor 5jr+ Series2, CS300 center, Furez 10/2, Roku Premiere+
  • halohalo Posts: 3,967
    Jimbo18 wrote: »
    HK AVR340 purchased from @halo at first paired with M7C's and now M5jr+ series 2. Thanks again for the sale.
    Let me know when you get tired of the HK and I'll buy it back. :)
  • machonemachone Posts: 933
    Advent receiver as a pre-amp driving a Dynaco ST-70 with original Advent speakers.
    Mojo Audio Joule v5>>Quantum Byte w/JRiver 21 and Fidelizer>> Starlight 7 USB >> Marantz SA 8005>> Equinox 7>>
    ModWright SWL 9.0 SE Signature >>Equinox 7>>
    Hafler DH-500 Amp+ (Musical Concepts PA-6 Elite Mod) >>Belden 5000 10 ga cables>>
    SRS 2.3TL (Fully Modified)...SDA-1A (Fully Modified with Dimensional Tweeter Delete)
    1KVA Dreadnought
    Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable - Shure SC35C/N35X - V15III/VN35HE
    Yamaha TX-540 Tuner...Sony BDP-S570

    Separate subpanel with four dedicated 20 amp circuits.
    1. Amplification 2. Analog 3. Digital 4. Video

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