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  • brad1138brad1138 Posts: 1
    Hello, I ran across a deal on a pair of CS-Ultra subs with original Amp. They want less than I can sell my pair of Velodyne ULD 15 Series II subs for. But I am not sure if it is an upgrade or not. How good were the CS-Ultras?
  • gp4jesusgp4jesus Posts: 957

    SVS SB12-NSD or SVS SB-1000?
  • cfrizzcfrizz Posts: 12,554
    If you can't get ahold of a SB12-NSD, then get it's closer equivalent of the SB-2000.
  • gp4jesusgp4jesus Posts: 957
  • sgmsmgsgmsmg Posts: 129
    If you can wait there might be a Memorial Day sale at the SVS outlet. The outlet sales are usually the best deals. May is not too far off.
  • Mikey081057Mikey081057 Posts: 4,595
    Just ordered an SB 2000 to work with my Ushers. I had a pair of MP2K's and could never get them to sound worth a......
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