1979 Klipsch La Scala's for my 2 channel set-up!



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    You may wanna stay with what you have been using especially with the type of music you prefer. Could you borrow or demo a used tube amp?

    With tubes I found whatever the solid state amps did good the tubes did better with everything except the authority on certain types of music. It is really night and day with tubes vs SS.
    Good luck with your quest as well as your SX-1010.
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    If you want to go all out, try an Atma-Sphere S30 amp. Ultra clear, fast, detail out the wazoo. Back a few years, I had an all Atma-Sphere system with the bigboy MA-2 monoblocks. They were glorious but put out so much heat I hardly used them in the summer!
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    Around 50 watts of tube power should give you the oomph your looking for. Just my .02, but you can't beat that tube sound with a stick over SS.
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