Worst movie that I've ever seen



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    The "sequel" called "Troll 2" (although totally unrelated to the original "Troll") is so bad, there is a documentary film about the cult following it has as the worst movie ever. :p

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    txcoastal1 wrote: »
    Ben Stiller slapstick movies

    Anything with him, or Ricky Gervais sends me into a blind rage! :(
    I refuse to argue with idiots, because people can't tell the DIFFERENCE!
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    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    I don't think I've watched a movie, beginning to end, that I thought was stupider nor more of a letdown than the original Alien. Just a silly movie, from my perspective. I liked seeing Sigourney Weaver in her underwear, though -- chasing a cat...?!

    And the thing burstin' outta the guy's chest was pretty entertaining.

    Otherwise, snoresville.

    I refuse to argue with idiots, because people can't tell the DIFFERENCE!
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    Easy. Anything wth Seth Rogen. Worst actor ever. His delivery is monotone bleating at high volume. It's like listening to an angry camel. Only the camel maybe can act a little.
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    Baby Driver was a special kind of terrible.
  • Toolfan66Toolfan66 Posts: 13,474
    50 shades darker!!

    50 shades blacker was a special kind of stupid as well..

    I’m sad to admit I watched them, at least 50 shades blacker was funny in spots..
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    Ok maybe not the worst I've seen, but what a huge let down: The Dark Tower.

    An hour and 35 min of "how many times have I seen this all before!?" The fight scenes weren't even worth mentioning.
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