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Ok I have a PA600.1 with two DXi124 DVC. I'm reading on how to wire it all together but I can't wrap my brain around it. Can someone help me out here. I want both subs to get equal watts and the lowest Ohm possible. I must also add these are last generation Items. Thank you in advanced
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    I would look at this Polk webpage for the info and wiring of your sub.

    Come back and post if this doesn't cover your needs.
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    Thhey are wired in series which is a 1ohm load which I now know is not suitable for my amp. Is there anyway I can wire them in a 2ohm load instead of a 4?
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    The only way to safely run them on the amp you have is the 2 DVC Driver Series/Parallel diagram on the link I posted. This is a 4 ohm setup and will allow your amp to handle both subs.

    Or you can run the subs as single coils in parallel to get the 2 ohm load. (not optimum)
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    In the middle of the page, you'll see a table with the entry: Select quantity and impedance.

    To the right, you want to select your speaker quantity in the drop down box and the next one over will be your voice coil impedance. The 124's are dual 4 Ohm voice coils, IIRC.

    However, with 4 ohm VC's, your options are either 4 ohm load or a 1 ohm load. Physics says you can't do it any other way.

    You could do like what was mentioned and only run one voice coil on each sub but that's going to change the performance of your sub since it's going to have to sling around that secondary motor structure set of parts. That changes mass and will change response.

    What kind of amp are you running?
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    Completely lost
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