DirectTV remote / issues with "Learning" SurroundBar commands.

leasingguyleasingguy Posts: 18
Im a dealer and have set-up dozens of these without issues. Today I was setting up a 9500bt to a DirectTV system and I'm having problems. I did a quick search and seen a few related topics but nothing helpfull.

The SurroundBar 9500bt responds as expected when learning from the OEM TV remote (Sony KDL-55HX800). Volume up/Down/Mute and power on/off respond perfectly. The RC65 Direct TV remote works the TV but wont
control the SurroundBar unless I learn the commands directly from the DirectTV remote.

Then it will only turn the volume up with with either a volume up or a volume down command from the RC65 or if I program volume down last, it will turn the volume down on the volume up or down command from the RC65.

Called Polk, then DirectTV, then Polk again. I googled and checked out Remote Central, still no solution.

How do I make it work? I already tried every available Sony Remote programming code in the RC65. Most codes will control the TV, None will operator the SurroundBar when its programmed to the OEM remote.

HELP! I dont want to sell them a different SoundBar for this silly reason. Is there an inexpensive remote I can buy and program to get this thing going? I only sell URC and RTI and they start @ $250. Im looking for something under $50. They only run DirectTV in this room, no other sources....

Thanks in advance,

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  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,058
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    Let me forward this to one of the engineering guys I know.
    Regards, Ken
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    Not sure I fully understand the issue, but I do know that the DTV RC65 remote can be "locked" so that VOL and MUTE control ONLY the TV, and not the device selected with the mode switch. I could see that causing confusion if trying to get it to work with other devices.

    Check the RC65 user manual for details - it's available online.
  • leasingguyleasingguy Posts: 18
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    Haso anyone ever successfully programed a SurroundBar to a DirectTV RC65 remote. I even tried to assign a phantom Pioneer code to AV1, Locked the volume and I get the same results learning the Pioneer simulated codes. Ill look for a newer RC71 remote this morning and try that. Its extremely frustrating and I look like an idiot on front of my customers especially after telling them how easy it is to setup and program.

    BTW, I have tried 3 different RC65 remotes. Same results. If I cant get an answer quick, I'll have to buy a Harmony 650. (out of pocket)
  • Has anyone figured this out with the Direct TV remotes?
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,058
    Welcome to Polk's forum. Which model SurroundBar are you referring to?
    Regards, Ken
    "Passion is inversely proportional to the amount of real information available", G. Benfield
  • Hi
    I have the Polk 9500BT soundbar. I cannot get it to learn either of the two remotes that I want it to. I have followed the directions carefully, erased previous learning, etc. and still no learning whatsoever. Very frustrating. Does anyone have suggestions on what to try next?
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