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evhudsonsevhudsons Posts: 1,172
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Does anyone have suggestions were to get subwoofer enclosure carpeting that would match the carpeting in the car? I'm sure it's fairly standard black or dark grey carpeting.

My car is a Porsche 911 997 if that makes any difference.
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  • FongolioFongolio Posts: 3,515
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    I picked up some from a local car audio install shop. It's nearly a perfect match for the light grey carpet in my '95 Trans Am.
  • Anthony HintonAnthony Hinton Posts: 107
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    Believe it or not, Wal-mart used to sell some small rolls of auto carpet, they kept it by the steering wheel covers.
  • custopper30custopper30 Posts: 256
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    Fabric store may have some carpet in the color you wish.
  • aaronsilveraaronsilver Posts: 2
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    Can you give some details of the fabric stores? It would be very helpful. Thanks in advance.
  • aaronsilveraaronsilver Posts: 2
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    I didn't get the reply yet. What will be the other works done by the stores? Anybody help. I need it urgently.
  • jhracer3jhracer3 Posts: 69
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    I've used outdoor type carpet from Lowe's and it matched really well.
  • seabeerob213seabeerob213 Posts: 1,727
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    try joannes fabrics, or walmart, or a car stereo shop
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