Video Review Ultrafocus 8000's

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Just made a quick review. Not very in depth but I tried to answer some big questions pertaining to noise cancelation.
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Ultrafocus 8000 :eek::cool:
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    Nice review. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Yep this are very nice!!!!! I love them!:cool:
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    Cool Review.

    I considered getting the Polk 8000s for gaming since I needed a set of closed Headphones that blocked my wife's TV shows. My thinking was also that Polk would probably design the headphones with a "fun" sound in mind thereby accentuating the bass and treble a bit, which of course is usually exactly what gaming requires. I compared the Polks to the Ultrasone 900 Pro headphone. Both are built well, but the Ultrasone displays a level of craftsmanship and strength that is truly high end. Speaking of high end, the sound of the Ultrasones and Polks both have that excitement factor, both have that high end finesse, and both actually sounded musically accurate for the most part albeit not neutral like AKG or Sennheiser. The Ultrasone had more detail and even better bass integration with the mids and highs. In the end, I purchased a pair of Ultrasone 900 Pro cans. They do the job well and have unbelieveable bass and soundstaging for games. They are fun as hell for rock and hip hop music as well, but I still prefer my HD 650s or 800s for really serious listening.

    Despite preferring the Ultrasones for gaming, I would never travel with them. They are simply not made for this task. They block my wife's TV shows, but a jet engine, train terminal or crying babies might overwhelm the Ultrasone's passive cancelling. The Polks on the other hand have excellent passive and active cancelling which outperform the Ultrasone. In addition to these major features, the Polks have hand held controls and don't require separate amp to sound awesome as is required by the Ultrasone cans and pretty much all my other high-end cans. It's all a give and take. If I didn't have the money to buy headphones for my various needs, I would be more than happy with the Polks to serve all my needs. They are extremely versatile and could more than satisfy a gamer, traveler or audiophile.
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    I got a set of the 6000s and loved them so I just ordered at set of the 8000s. Hope they live up to the hype.
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    What's the biggest difference between the 6000 and 8000
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    The 8000's are over the ear headphones and the 6000's are IEM's.

    The 6000's sound good and IMO offer better noise canceling. The 8000's sound great.

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