SR 6500's NIB



  • ToxisToxis Posts: 5,120
    edited May 2013
    And they sell just weeks before I get another car and am looking for another set. Dammit. Guess I'll move my SR's from the civic to the new car maybe.
  • WLDockWLDock Posts: 1,950
    edited May 2013
    There's a set on ebay. $750 BIN, $500 SB/ 0 bids.

    Its was interesting when these reached "cult" status awhile back. The eBay bidding wars were crazy.

    As nice as the Polks are there are other options that sound really good for less cash. The Alpine SPX-17PRO at about $300-$350 on the net, ebay is a good buy. Or maybe a DIY set with and active crossover ScanSpeak Discovery or SB Acoustics woofers with ScanSpeak Illuminator RR tweets with set one back only about $420.
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