5.25 to 6.5 how do i make it happen?

ipartywhenuhurtipartywhenuhurt Posts: 130
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Have sr6500 and I need to fit them in 5-1/4 any ideas on custom build adapters etc?
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  • VitalVital Posts: 747
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    Depends on how much space you got in your doors, between door skin and (plastic) door panel and how your grill is/fits/installs.
    I'd look for these anwsers in your car-specific forum.
  • 20hz20hz Posts: 626
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    I have built them with 2 layers of plywood its a 2 piece setup that screws down in the 5" holes and further up it has a mount for the 6" driver
  • Anthony HintonAnthony Hinton Posts: 107
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    How are you on depth? Are you completely against trimming?
  • dudeinaroomdudeinaroom Posts: 3,625
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    If you have the depth,m a jig saw will make it work. I have put 6x9s in the front doors of a Saturn, and have put 10" woofers in the doors of a F150, and needed nothing more than a jigsaw to make the hole.
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