1995 bmw 525i sound system done! lots of fabrication!

cult4d5cult4d5 Posts: 7
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  • Installer4lifeInstaller4life Posts: 256
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    Sorry if I don't sound overly enthusiastic but I saw speakers mounted through the seats in a 78 Monte Carlo a few years ago and at that time I thought once was enough. Now I am sure of it....
  • VitalVital Posts: 747
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    Woun't it be easier and actually cooler looking if you removed rear seat completly and mounted whatever speakers you wanted to on mdf board that would replace you rear seat?

    This way you:
    1. still have rear seats if you need them in the future (you can always sell them if you REALLY have no use for them)
    2. don't have to cut any of your rear deck.
    3. have a real nice clean looking "sound board" since you can cover it up with just about anything at this point
    4. Hava the coolest 4 door coupe in da hood?
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 6,559
    edited December 2011
    Hack job pure and simple not to mention your resale value just plummeted.........:rolleyes:
  • nguyendotnguyendot Posts: 3,514
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    That's just horrible...
  • ipartywhenuhurtipartywhenuhurt Posts: 130
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    Love vitals idea ganna do it to a audi tt except with fiberglass to have lots more room and trunk space
  • BoostedFCBoostedFC Posts: 4
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    Eww, just eww
  • michael1947michael1947 Posts: 781
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    WTG...but I think there is a body in the trunk.
  • ToxisToxis Posts: 5,120
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    rear fill FTW!!! That's all I can say. Now I need to go vomit. Yes you did a lot of fabrication but for what? A screaming back deck with subs in the rear seats? Why is that ever considered? I can imagine when you need to take some friends with you somewhere and now they destroy your subs as they want to feel it on their backs and then what, buying new subs or make one person ride **** in the back seat? So weird... no idea how this ever came into a head as a good idea. Personally, I would rather see a single 12 or 15 in a sealed box and have it set behind the rear opening anyway. Oh and adding "by nine's" in the rear deck was just overkill. But this is why cars are thrown away after teenagers own them.
  • -FROG--FROG- Posts: 30
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    Is this some kind of joke?
  • htrdlnhtrdln Posts: 113
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    lol I'll admit when i was younger i had a nice mark viii i took out the amp rack and the rear dash material cut out the back dash for two audiobaughn tens then i driilled holes and bloted the sub box to the rear deck i then took the rear dash cover and with a razor removed all the foam up to the carpet over the subs then put it back together couldn't even see the subs for the first year then the carpet started sagging over the subs.. oh well
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