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    Does the volume control only work on the I-stuff, or will it work on my SanDisk mp3 player?

    BTW the specs are up on Polk's website.
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    dorokusai wrote: »
    Who cares about spec's on a pair of headphones? Seriously? It's a pair of headphones not full size loudspeakers. The frequency response range for all headphones is damn near the same from every manufacturer that makes them. 20-20 is all you need to expect, the rest is a bonus.

    I care.

    I've used a much pair of Sennheiser portable headphones that were something like 50 Hz to 16,000 Hz--definitely could tell the missing bass and treble frequencies (I didn't buy them, they were included free back when I bought a cassette walkman type stereo from when the DOW stores still existed) even with bass and treble eq set to +6 on the cassette walkman type stereo. I've used (and still have) Sony MDR-E828 earbuds with specs of 20 Hz - 20000 Hz but to me the bass sort disappears around 40 Hz, I even put test tones through them and to hear the lower bass (but still not the lowest bass) I have to hook them up to my receiver and turn the volume to something like -30 dB with the max being -8 dB. I've used Koss The Plug that went down to 10 Hz in the specs and yet there was too much exaggerated bass, not the sound quality I wanted despite the low bass. I'm currently using Sony S2 J11 headphones with a frequency response of something like 16 Hz to 22000 Hz, they are decent, but still need a bass boost with an MP3 player equalizer (Rock or Jazz setting). I still have Koss TD-61's with a frequency response of 25 Hz to 15000 Hz--seems like not such good numbers on paper--and yet it seems they actually have lower bass and higher treble than the numbers would suggest; however, they are not very portable.

    You get the idea. So yeah, it matters to me. Specs give me a good idea of where the frequencies roll off in the bass and treble. After that, it's how good the overall sound is.

    I also understand that Polk now has the specs on the website so now I'll give their headphones the consideration they deserve. Edit: And after seeing the very impressive specifications for the UltraFit 500's, I will be getting the UltraFit 500's this weekend. I'll be able to get more output per volume unit with the combined ohms/sensitivity, which means my battery on my MP3 player will last longer. Furthermore, the frequency response for those exceed my expectations.
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    Frequency Response of 3000 is 8Hz-24Khz while 500 is 18Hz-23Khz
    Which makes me raise my eyebrows lol. Really??? 3000s will go down to as low as 8Hz? WTF?
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    If there placed in your ears properly I'm sure. Some models of in-ear ear buds sound like crap when not placed in your ear properly but when a proper seal is made... WOW the bass is awesome.
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    I care.

    That was meant generically speaking MON40 as again, the spec's are not that radical between any pair of headphones. Excellent reply however and totally understand what you'e saying.
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    I've had the 500s for a week now and really like them. They sound way better than what I used to use.


    I have weird shaped ear canals from having tubes in them as a kid and have never been able to get a pair of ear buds to fit right so they sounded decent.

    They don't seem to be near as loud as my old sony's but they don't need to has they block out the outside noise much better. I went cycling for a few hours and very much enjoyed these new Polk headphones.
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    i won a pair of the 3000's at PolkFest 2011. I never knew headphones could sound so goood. Sal is right you have to find the correct ear bud to fit your ear if not they wont sound nearly as good.
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    If they were not sport headphones I would snag a pair. But that will probably be down the road.
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    I asked my son if I could get back the 3000's we won at PolkFest 2011. He politely said no and it was because these were the best he has heard. He has been through a bunch of different earphones. Love the bass form them.

    I love how music can brighten up a bad day.
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