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  • Barry they are there ,you might need a magnifying glass to see the marks but both are marked. I did complain about that and the fact that not everyone in the world knows to trim the butyl rubber around the screw holes and then rips the sheet of the surround. Well they took my complaint and w/ thanks sent me 2 new 6502 driver free and no shipping. I was so pleased that I did call back the supervising guarantee officer Ken to thank him for listening. I am going to try to take a close-up shot which may or may not help . it's that faint. Oh those new drivers are in my Monitor 7s now.0zb7wh2h9aq6.jpg
    e-up of the markings if I don'yt get flash back.fd6prvwne5qw.jpg
  • I notice the gaskets on the driver in the picture should not be trimmed that way at the screw holes they will not seal properly.
  • I found the markings on the third speaker I unwrapped! Thanks guys!
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